Project Description

Excellent Economic Opportunities in Central O‘ahu

This is the centerpiece of my platform and I call it, “the game changer,” because it’s woven so intrinsically into the very fabric of our lives and it’s also interconnected with an enormity of issues that affect us as both residents of central O‘ahu and the State of Hawai‘i.  

The lack of economic opportunities in Central O‘ahu often require us to endeavor hours-long commutes on a daily basis.  Simply, by bringing a wealth and diversity of economic opportunities to us, we would have the capacity to negate long daily commutes and start having more time for family, friends, and even ourselves.  

It’s also not enough that the economic opportunities we have are just ‘tolerable.’  Hawai‘i has the highest cost of living in the Nation and we need excellent economic opportunities that provide us with livable wages and even competitive pay.  This is how we’ll stop the ‘brain drain.’

My ideas for excellent economic opportunities in Central O‘ahu is not a standalone platform issue.  It’s a central part, a component if you will, to a greater network of interconnected solutions. “Building Disneyland next to Mililani” might be a great plan that sufficiently sums up the idea of an excellent economic opportunity, but what I envision is a lot more complex – maybe not as costly – with many more working parts.  It is my hope that various parts of this platform begin to shape for you my overall vision for our community.