Project Description

Establish A World-Class Tech Hub and End The Brain Drain

I often use the analogy: “The Silicon Valley of the Pacific.”  Tech is here and now and it’s undoubtedly the way of the future.  As our lives become more connected to the internet of things and perhaps as our lives become more reliant on tech, we will need to become far more tech savvy.  Tech is where the State can improve its economy. Tech is where the amazing jobs will be.

I think we’ve heard many people suggest that the establishment of legal gaming/gambling and recreational marijuana sectors would be a boon to our State economy.  While that may be true, both sectors are also highly reliant on the tech sector – from sales to security.

My background includes video game design and I once worked as an Imagineer for Walt Disney Imagineering.  I can tell you for certain that a well-established tech sector in Hawai‘i could mean an end to the brain drain and the propping up of our State as an economic powerhouse.  However, it’s going to take someone with the wherewithal and vision to see it all come to fruition.

So, what is a “tech hub?”  To make a very long explanation short, a tech hub is an technological ecosystem of interconnected and interdependent tech-related industries/actors/entities.  It’s the indoor automated farm facility located right next door to the software company that programmed the farm’s automation. It’s the cybersecurity firm located right across the street from the video game company that’s trying to keep its next biggest game from leaking to the public.

Perhaps even more important, a tech hub is also the elementary school that teaches its students basic coding, where high school students get paid internships with companies on the cutting-edge of medical and financial technology, and where mom and dad run a plasma gasification firm that turns trash into both energy and construction materials to be distributed globally, ending the need for local landfills, while rehabilitating the Nation’s aging infrastructure.  And no more potholes.

I have put many years into planning a tech hub for Central O‘ahu, which also includes reaching out to international tech companies that just might be interested in establishing the necessary public-private partnerships needed to see this happen.  This is definitely a passion of mine.