Live, Work, Play

The theme of my platform is live, work, play. My ideal hometown is a place where I can live in comfort with my family, raise my children, and be an active part of their lives. It’s also a place where I have the time to spend with my loved ones, because work is just right around the corner. For me, there’s really no place like home unless home is a place where you can spend some of the most happiest moments with the people who mean the most to you. This is what I want for our community and these are some of the steps that I’ll be taking to see that we get there.


Excellent Economic Opportunities In Central Oahu

This is the centerpiece of my platform and I call it, “the game changer,” because it’s woven so intrinsically into the very fabric of our lives and it’s also interconnected with an enormity of issues that affect us as both residents of central O‘ahu and the State of Hawai‘i.


Mitigate Lengthy Traffic Commutes

Gridlocked traffic from Central O‘ahu to the Honolulu urban core seems almost commonplace. On a good day, we might see 45-minute morning and evening commutes. On a normal day, the average prospect appears to hover above an hour. In twenty years’ time of commuting, we would have spent over a year (roughly 400 days) sitting in traffic. What could you do with one year of time? How about a year of salary?


Establish A World-Class Tech Hub and End The Brain Drain

I often use the analogy: “The Silicon Valley of the Pacific.” Tech is here and now and it’s undoubtedly the way of the future. As our lives become more connected to the internet of things and perhaps as our lives become more reliant on tech, we will need to become far more tech savvy. Tech is where the State can improve its economy. Tech is where the amazing jobs will be.


Basic Income and Livable Wages

It’s become apparent that living in Hawai‘i presents its own hurdle in the severe financial burden that it imposes on a substantial number of residents - this is a hurdle that residents cannot traverse without direct assistance from our state government in combination with favorable economic conditions created by our state government.


Redevelop and Reinforce Essential Infrastructure

Climate change is very real. We’re already starting to feel the first effects of climate change and its impacts will increase at a rate relative to our (humankind’s) level of contribution. We, unfortunately cannot stop climate change, but we CAN certainly prepare for it. And we definitely should