My name is Zuri Aki and I humbly ask you for your support in my service to our community: Mililani, Mililani Mauka, and Waipi’o Acres.  Talking about myself is difficult – I was raised with the understanding that actions speak louder than words.  I would much rather show you how I’ll work hard to vastly improve our quality of life.  Our community deserves the best representation.  Please allow me to share with you, who I am, my experience, and my plans for our better future together.  Thank you.

Juris Doctor

I have a Juris Doctor from William S. Richardson School of Law.  I have focused a significant amount of my legal experience on international law, international environmental law, human rights, and energy justice.  This experience has provided me with the necessary skill set to address one of the most pressing issues of our time: Climate Change.  Because of this, I have focused a significant component of my platform on the need for the State to improve our infrastructure for climate change resilience.  I’m the only candidate for State House District 36 talking about this.

Public Policy Expertise

I work as a Public Policy Advocate for the State of Hawai’i with subject matter expertise in land use, housing, economic self-sufficiency, and agriculture to name a few.  My job has me at the forefront of advocating for the betterment of conditions for residents of Hawai’i – I constantly interface with legislators, county council members, and other government officials with the intent to make Hawai’i a better home for us all.  I am the only candidate for State House District 36 with such a wide range of public policy expertise.

Legislative Experience

I have formal training in legislative drafting and have drafted legislation for the State of Hawai’i.  I have seen my measures go before the House and Senate and I have advocated, quite extensively, on their behalf.  In 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Native Hawaiian Constitutional Convention where I served as Chief Drafter of the Native Hawaiian Constitution.

Tech Sector Experience

I once worked for Walt Disney Imagineering, which is Disney’s division of creative engineers.  My tech experience in digital media and video game design played a major role in me landing the job.  I strongly believe Hawai’i is a prime location for a major tech hub and the state should be investing in a viable tech sector.  This is the solution we need to end the brain drain and meaningfully stimulate the economyI am the only candidate for State House District 36 with the experience and knowledge to see this happen.

Deep Roots

I am the third generation in my family to call Mililani home, but my ancestors have resided in this area since time immemorial.  My grandfather, David Ka’apana, was a laborer that actually laid the infrastructure for Mililani and Waipi’o Acres.  My grandmother, Reiko Ishiwata, established the first Japanese School in Mililani.  My dad and uncles built many of the early homes in our district.  I am the only candidate for State House District 36 who can say this and no other candidate’s roots run this deep.

Home Field Advantage

I have been in this community since birth and I’m the only candidate for State House District 36 who can say that.  This gives me a unique perspective in seeing where this community has been, what it has achieved, and where we can go from here.  This is my one and only hometown.  I grew up here, went to school here, played sports here, and now I have a little family of my own that will say the same.

Strength In Diversity

I am Hawaiian, Japanese, Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, Chinese, German, and Danish.  The State of Hawai’i prides itself on its multi-cultural diversity.  For me, my ethnic diversity has helped me to see things through many lenses, which ensures that I approach issues with a wide-open mind and the cultural sensitivity most-crucial for a place like Hawai’i, where many people have come to call it home.  I am the only candidate for State House District 36 with such a diverse cultural background.

Family Values

My greatest strength is my family – they keep me grounded and constantly push me to be at my best and strive for greatness.  My wife works as a program director for one of the highest performing public schools (which is also a charter school) in the State.  She also serves as a member, like myself, of the Mililani-Waipio-Melemanu Neighborhood Board.  And we have two very cool children; the sweetest four-year old daughter named Po and a radical 14-month old boy we nicknamed “Buzzy.”

Campaign News

205, 2018

Zuri’s Latest Civil Beat Article – A Brighter Future For Kupuna Would Be A Dream Come True

By |May 2nd, 2018|Comments Off on Zuri’s Latest Civil Beat Article – A Brighter Future For Kupuna Would Be A Dream Come True

The original article can be found on Civil Beat here. Allow me to dream big for a moment, for it’s often through dreams and accidents that we [...]

“As an advocate, Zuri has worked tirelessly on behalf of his community and Hawaiʻi.  His fearless leadership and commitment to what is pono is what we need in politics.  He demonstrated this grit and tenacity working on a constitutional drafting project for the betterment of Hawaiʻi.  I consider Zuri both a friend and colleague and have witnessed firsthand his selflessness and humility. Zuri will bring much needed innovation, progress, and aloha to the House of Representatives, and I am proud to endorse him in this race.”

Rebecca Soon, Deputy Director, Honolulu Department of Community Services

“Zuri has a unique calming style of presenting the facts, listening to all sides and bringing consensus on polarizing community issues.  Moreover, he follows through by accurate memoralizing the consensus into a writing that ends the polarization with finality. Our State is faced with challenges that comes with a growing economy, such as soaring home prices, stagnant wages, entrenched houselessness, gridlock traffic and more – and the legislature will soon end without satisfactory resolutions for them due to lack of consensus among legislators.  Hawaiʻiʻs citizens want these challenges resolved and written into law, instead of being kicked into next year. Please vote for Zuri, a consensus builder.”

Sandra Castell, Lead Organizer for President Obama's Organizing For Action

“I have known Zuri professionally and personally for about five years. I support him in his candidacy for state house district 36 because he is a thoughtful leader who is committed to serving Hawai’i and our families. He is an advocate for sustainable development and will bring visionary ideas to the table.”

Chantrelle Wai'alae, Miss Hawai'i USA 2017

“私は赤ちゃん時代からいきゆちゃんを知っています。私は彼を世話し、彼を叱って、いつも彼に私たちの主イエスについて話しました。彼は良い男の子であり、良いリーダーになるでしょう”。(I know Ikkyu-chan [Zuri] from baby-time.  I took care of him, scolded him and always told him about our Lord Jesus.  He is a good boy and will be a good leader.)

Iris Kaneshiro, Long Time Waipi'o Acres Resident

“Who is Zuri Aki?  He’s sincere, dedicated, family man, aware of community concerns, experienced, and looking to the future for solutions to improve the district.” 

‘TOGETHER  with you Zuri Aki is your represetnative who will work tirelessly for the betterment of the community!”

Mona Chang Vierra and Patsy Izumo, Former School Principals and Political Organizers

“As a former resident of Mililani I have seen the rapid urban growth of a once upon a time very rural area. As we experience the ever growing and ever changing new world of island lifestyle, it is vital to have knowledgeable people that can educate the population through sustainable practices and make good decisions to maintaining that balance of the old and new. The blend of the “farm to the table” and “the new world technology” is the future. We need people like Zuri working for us and helping us to  not lose sight of the essence of this beautiful place. Zuri Aki is your voice.”

Brother Noland Conjugacion, Famous Singer and Songwriter

“I went to law school with Zuri. He’s an intelligent and compassionate person with a vested interest in Hawaii’s success. I have seen him take a leadership role and not only lead, but pull others up with him to turn into future leaders.”

Grant Nakaya, Marketing Communications Contractor

“Having known Zuri since he was young, he already showed true character of integrity, good family values and intelligence and as he got older these traits grew with him. Today he is a lawyer and we are very proud of him.”

Jeanne Mercado Catalan, Long Time Mililani and current Mililani Mauka Resident

“I am in support of Zuri Aki for the office of State Representative.  Zuri is a great supporter of the efforts in preservation of the Wahi Pana of Lihu’e, Kunia.  He has helped my with many issues and has helped in many ways bringing the awareness to the public of the Iwi Kupuna and sacred sites in this area of Lihu’e Kunia. I know Zuri personally, he is trustworthy and works with integrity. He will be a great leader for the district of Mililani”.

Sheila Valdez, Na Wahine Kunia o Lihu'e

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